The Long Yak

Podcast 15. The Long Yak – Poem A Day|Suits|Switch|Signal (Japanese)


01:15 – Poem A Day
17:47 – Suits (Korean remake)
30:40 – DNF’d dramas: Great Seducer, Shall We Kiss First, Switch
36:18 – Depiction of marijuana in KDramas
39:01 – Is the frequency of sexual assault plots in recent dramas a result of the #MeToo movement?
39:44 – Japanese remake of Signal
44:54 – Paroma compares The Liar and His Lover with its source material and thinks it comes up short.
47:19 – Why some dramas choose to focus on emotions and leave the plot behind – Saya uses The Great Seducer as a likely culprit.
50:11 – Chinese Drama rec: Only Side By Side With You
52:57 – Question of the Yak: What will make you drop a drama immediately?


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