44. Mulan Trailer | Kang Ji-hwan Under Arrest | Korean Indian Crossover Sageuk | Casting news & Upcoming dramas!

We round up news from July and look forward to the dramas that August brings. Listen to the episode right here: TIMESTAMPS: 03:48 - Kang Ji-hwan under arrest for sexual assault 09:14 - Korea and India collaborating on a sageuk about Heo Hwang-ok 17:40 - Agency 51K taking a hard line against sasaengs 21:11 -... Continue Reading →


43. TLY – Arthdal Chronicles | Search WWW | Well Intended Love | Angel’s Last Mission

Welcome to a properly long LONG YAK with Saya, Anisa, and Paroma. Buckle up. Use the timecodes below. Listen to the episode right here: TIMESTAMPS: -- Non-Korean -- 00:02:09 - Dark 00:02:45 - General & I 00:04:40 - Well Intentioned Love 00:08:54 - Always Be My Maybe -- Korean -- 00:11:08 - Angel's Last Mission: Love... Continue Reading →

[Review] Spider-Man: Far From Home

  Anisa: So, Spider-Man in Europe! What did you think? Paroma: I think they could have set it anywhere and the story would have been the same. The setting wasn't super important to the narrative, was it? But I appreciated Europe for the bell tower scene. That could never have happened in America. Hehe. Also,... Continue Reading →


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