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December Drama Reviews: 2018 Edition!

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Once a year, our friends on Twitter come together under the #DecemberDramas hashtag to give their take on the dramas they watched that year. In 2018, we were blown away by how many of you participated, and it was great to laugh, cry and rage a little over the year’s dramas together. (Note: we weren’t able to include every single one because there were so many, so apologies to those left out—and thank you all so much for joining us!)

As usual it starts with a call to arms by Saya:

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Podcast 29. Year-End Yak 2018

Here’s a special farewell to 2018 episode. We go over all the dramas we’ve loved and hated with a passion, as well as honorable mentions, non-2018 stuff we loved, what we wish we’d watched, and more.

Happy New Year, everyone! Thanks for spending 2018 with us! Whether it was an intermission or a crescendo, we hope it was exactly what you needed.


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Podcast 28. The Long Yak – The Last Empress | Clean With Passion For Now | Red Moon Blue Sun | Memories of the Alhambra | Top Star Yoo Baek

In our last Long Yak of 2018, we cover a bunch of recently completed dramas, express our expectations of newly airing ones, and notice a strong theme of ableism in Korean dramas latelyif a male lead isn’t perfectly perfect in body and mind, he can’t be a hero.

Join us in our #DecemberDramas one-tweet review festival on twitter (@dramasoverflow) or email us at starsinourpocket@gmail.com. Also, check out our Patreon page for outtakes and spoiler discussions: http://bit.ly/SupportDOF

Have a great holiday everyone!


00:02:09 – Email: How to get involved in the Kdrama Fandom?
00:11:26 – Patreon shoutouts!

00:27:27 – TOP STAR YOO BAEK
00:56:37 – RED MOON BLUE SUN

01:34:46 – FAMILIAR WIFE
01:36:02 – BEAUTY INSIDE

01:52:29 – Fates and Furies
01:52:36 – Coffee Please
01:57:15 – Just Dance/ Dance Sports Girls
01:59:17 – The Return of Revenge


Steven Blackmore
Lia W.
Kimbap Noona

Podcast 27. The Long Yak – DramaFever | Where Stars Land | Beauty Inside | The Smile Has Left Your Eyes | Player | Kim’s Convenience

This month we start off by discussing the sudden shut down of DramaFever, what this means for the international viewership, how and when the licensing wars started in the KDrama world, and how fans access dramas when official channels are unavailable.
We also talk about the Canadian sitcom, Kim’s Convenience, which totally counts as a KDrama in our hearts!

00:01:17 – DramaFever Shut Down
00:34:04 – Our Episode 16 on #MeToo Was Used in a University Classroom!
00:35:28 – We Now Have a Patreon Page!
00:40:01 – Where Stars Land/Fox Bride Star (Paroma’s post on Flawed Female Leads)
00:56:08 – Beauty Inside
01:05:32 – Terius Behind Me
01:12:35 – Player
01:17:28 – Ghost Detective
01:19:35 – Smile Has Left Your Eyes
01:29:43 – Kim’s Convenience
01:44:19 – Mama Fairy and the WoodCutter
01:46:38 – Feel Good to Die/Happy if You Died
01:48:28 – God’s Quiz
01:49:56 – Top Star Yoo Baek
01:52:43 – The Priest
01:54:47 – Bad Detective
01:56:44 – Clean With Passion For Now
02:04:06 – Saya’s Dad Joke

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How Fox Bride Star is Ruining the Flawed Female Lead


I adore Chae Soo-bin. I’ve loved her since she played the conflicted, beautiful back-stabbing frenemy to Jung Eun-ji in Sassy Go Go.

So, I was disheartened to sense a trend in the roles she was choosing. They were all tough cookies who could beat up goons and swear like a sailor, while looking like a barbie doll. If someone told me that that was Chae Soo-bin playing Chae Soo-bin, I’d believe it. She’s that effortless at it. But she’s clearly capable of so much more.

Which is why I was ridiculously happy to watch the first episode of Fox Bride Star/Where Stars Land. Chae Soo-bin’s character, Han Yeo-reum, was not just a generic loveable heroine insert, she had a personality.

A horrible, insecure, whiny, annoying one. But it was a full-fledged PERSONALITY! I disliked her will glee.

Look at how much fun I was having hating her!

She went around suspecting her superiors of discrimination and her colleagues of machiavellian intent, while neglecting her own job, then felt victimised when her failures were pointed out to her. The woman had issues and the show made sure we knew that they knew that she had issues by giving us a balanced, sensible perspective through her fair-minded boss and the hard-working colleague she’s partnered with.

And then two more episodes rolled by, and I began to notice another cue that the drama was insistently pushing at us. It consisted of lingering shots of Han Yeo-reum’s distressed face whenever she felt wronged, and angst-filled music whenever anyone gave her a reality check. The subtext was clear. This is a heroine we are to root for. Her feelings are hurt, and even though we know she’s at fault, we MUST feel sympathy for her.

images (3)

Poor, misguided Han Yeo-reum, nothing ever goes right for you. Even your future love interest is calling you out on being a shallow, attention-seeking, whiner. Don’t worry, girl, we’ll make him apologise by the end of the episode.

That’s around the time I gave up on Han Yeo-reum. I realised from my previous drama watching experience that here was a heroine who was never going to get an independent developmental arc. At some point, she would have a transformative moment, and she’d instantly shed years of inferiority complex and pettiness and become the beacon of womanhood our heroes always deserve (in this case, the hardworking colleague-dude).

And it came around episode 5-6. Her history of irresponsibility in the workplace was rewritten as misunderstandings where she didn’t stand up for herself. Then, Han Yeo-reum got a nice little arc where she finally spoke up in her own defence. And just like that her personality transplant surgery was a success!

It was very moving. I enjoyed the episode tremendously. And then promptly lost all remaining interest in Han Yeo-reum. The woman with a bad temperament was gone, only a little girl who missed her dad remained.

Her only purpose now is to connect her father’s legacy with the man she’s falling in love with, figure out how to make that man overcome his insecurities, and live happily ever after.

Hurray for easily digestible romantic pairings, and down with complex character exploration where a flawed, unlikeable woman might get to earn a happily ever after with the irritatingly good hero too.

I’m not bitter. Not at all.

Podcast 24. Audio Commentary on Full House, Episode 1

Hello, drama-heads! We’re trying something new with this.

A month ago, Saya, Anisa, and I sat in our respective bedrooms across three continents and connected over the net to watch the first episode of Full House together. The hour-long audio commentary below is what we recorded, and if you want to watch the episode with this episode playing in your ear, watch KBS’s official upload here to get the best synchronisation. (Our actual commentary starts from 2:45 and syncs with the opening scene of Full House after the intro.)

But if you just want the highlights of the commentary, then watch the video below:

Tell us in the comments if you enjoyed it. You can also get in touch with us on twitter @dramasoverflow.


— Paroma

Podcast 23. The Long Yak – Time | Your Househelper | Thirty But Seventeen | Full House | My Princess


00:01:40 – Time
00:09:40 – Your Househelper
00:17:13 – 30 But 17 (some more discussion at a later point)

00:31:44 – Full House (more at a later point)
00:40:47 – My Princess
00:48:55 – 30 But 17
01:02:04 – Full House