55. AT&T Update | Parasite | Upcoming

A long-delayed What’s Up in Dramaland! Apologies, illness and all around busyness had taken us out of commission temporarily.

We DON’T squee about Parasite sweeping the Oscars on here because it was recorded a right after the SAG awards, but you’ve seen us (and many others) flailing aplenty over that historic moment already I’m sure.

We discuss a listener’s scoop that clarifies our speculations about AT&T, celebrate Parasite and Bong Joon-ho (and a cast that really should have gotten more acting noms), and anticipate February dramas.

01:47 At&T
06:31 Parasite
10:29 Song Kang-ho’s speech
Justin Chang’s article
15:38 Tell Me What You Saw
21:30 My Holo Love
30:02 The Cursed
33:01 Hi Bye Mama
36:23 Hyena
39:03 I’ll Find You on a Beautiful Day
45:21 Wise Doctor Life


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