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50. Sulli’s Death & Netizen Toxicity | Kim Ji-young, Born in 1982 | Updates & Upcoming Dramas

We’re back with more news and views! I (Saya) swanned off this time, so we’re joined by DOF’s little sister, Zaynab, who takes over the closing joke segment with the best style (I’m still laughing!).

List of November 2019 dramas here.

Listen to the episode here:


02:12 – Sulli’s death: regulating online bullying and harassment, and the possibility/problems of a “Sulli’s law”.
10:47 – Release of movie “Kim Ji-young, Born in 1982” and the anti-feminist backlash; “gapjil” culture (workplace harassment by seniors).
17:13 – Graceful Family breaks MBN ratings records
19:31 – Lee Jae-wook’s Search WWW x Extraordinary You behind-the-scenes crossover, plus fangirling!
21:19 – Quick updates on past stories we’ve covered, digression on how headlines are translated (plus lots of laughing)
25:13 – Kim Tae-hee and Rain welcome second baby!

26:00 – Chief of Staff 2
28:38 – Psychopath Diary
30:55 – Stove League
35:22 – Emergency Landing of Love/Love’s Emergency Landing
40:55 – People With Flaws
45:59 – 9.9 Billion Won Woman
48:29 – Chocolate


  • Sulli: The woman who rebelled against the K-pop world
  • K-pop under scrutiny over ‘toxic fandom’ after death of Sulli
  • Feminist novel becomes center of controversy in South Korea
  • Korean Feminist Novel Proves Hit in China

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