The Long Yak

Podcast 40. TLY – Abyss | Angel’s Last Mission: Love | The Secret Life of My Secretary

With a shorter list than usual, here’s our Long Yak. We discuss the final leg of Her Private Life and some leftover thoughts on He is Psychometric before moving on to newly airing dramas: Abyss, The Secret Life of My Secretary, and Angel’s Last Mission: Love. Also watch out for a comeback of Saya’s infamous Aje gags towards the end. (You’ve been warned.)

Eid Mubarak!

Listen here:

06:48 – Her Private Life (Spoiler from 12:30 -14:00)
14:51 – He is Psychometric
18:41 – Abyss
30:27 – The Secret Life of My Secretary
37:48 – Angel’s Last Mission: Love

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