43. TLY – Arthdal Chronicles | Search WWW | Well Intended Love | Angel’s Last Mission

Welcome to a properly long LONG YAK with Saya, Anisa, and Paroma. Buckle up. Use the timecodes below. Listen to the episode right here: TIMESTAMPS: -- Non-Korean -- 00:02:09 - Dark 00:02:45 - General & I 00:04:40 - Well Intentioned Love 00:08:54 - Always Be My Maybe -- Korean -- 00:11:08 - Angel's Last Mission: Love... Continue Reading →


[First Thoughts] Designated Survivor: 60 Days, Episodes 1-2

Saya: Dude, this show is good. Paroma: The first episode was incredible. The way they started with the distant view of the National Assembly on fire, then the structure crumbling. All we know at this point is that our protagonist's (Ji Jin-hee) very young child is on a field trip at the Assembly, and he... Continue Reading →

July K-drama Premieres

We're starting a new blog feature: lists of upcoming premieres where you can easily check what's coming each month. We're still doing What's Up in Dramaland, don't worry! Think of this as a supplementary reference in advance of our many opinions in the podcast. (Clicking the title of the drama will take you to its... Continue Reading →

Podcast 30. The Long Yak – Memories of the Alhambra | My Strange Hero | Boyfriend | The Last Empress

First Long Yak of 2019!Listen to the episode right here:Time Stamps:00:01:17 - Anisa's paper on KoreaCURRENTLY WATCHING DRAMAS --00:09:07 - MY STRANGE HERO00:26:52 - BOYFRIEND/ENCOUNTER00:39:21 - THE LAST EMPRESS00:46:21 - MEMORIES00:56:43 - JUST DANCE/DANCE SPORTS GIRLS01:00:16 - TOP STAR YOO BAEK01:09:47 - MY AJUSSHI01:13:54 - RED MOON BLUE SUN01:20:20 - TIMELESS01:25:24 - MEN ON A... Continue Reading →


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