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Podcast 26. Kpop and its International Fans

Anisa and Paroma get greenfields (Rimi) and Sicarius to come tell us why Kpop is taking over the world, and how things work behind the scenes in the Korean music industry. (Links under the timestamps)

00:02:43 – Woes of Being a Kpop fan outside US
00:04:13 – Is Kpop a genre?
00:07:01 – Are Drama OSTs Kpop?
00:11:17 – How did you two come to this fandom?
00:16:59 – What is a Bias?
00:18:21 – Why Seventeen has 13 members
00:21:46 – Are Band dynamics scripted?
00:25:04 – Korean language lends itself well to rapping
00:27:39 – why Kpop rap is different from american/indian rap
00:32:07 – Conflict between an idol and a rapper
00:37:50 – Why are boybands more popular than girl groups internationally
00:40:46 – why do rimi and sica like boy bands more
00:44:24 – bromancey gimmicks on stage
00:46:15 – girl groups subjected to the male gaze
00:48:36 – how fangirls are maligned
00:50:54 – Toxic fandom and sasaengs
00:51:57 – When fans dictate what artists do
00:54:18 – HyunA and E’Dawn leaving Cube
00:55:52 – why companies promote fan obsession?
00:57:52 – slave contracts and lawsuits
01:01:19 – The East Light controversy
01:04:37 – why speaking the truth is hard under Korean Law
01:07:39 – Self produced artists
01:13:53 – opportunities for marginalised artists like Holland
01:17:27 – Do Kdramas portray idols well?
01:19:14 – Drama: SHUT UP FLOWER BOY BAND
01:20:58 – Drama: BEST HIT
01:22:52 – Suga’s mixtapes about the idol trainee life
01:25:20 – Favourite Groups


Sicarius’ post – www.dramabeans.com/members/sicariu…ctivity/634903/

Rimi’s Kpop covers – soundcloud.com/user-496240984/tracks
Realgreenfields – Tokyo

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Podcast 13 – I’m Not a Robot | Drama Deep Dive

We dive deep into what is probably the best “Robot drama” of a year full of dramas about Robots, and we have a very insightful guest to help us wade through all the ways in which this show was truly awesome. Meet (Beanie) Lee Tennant, and while you’re at it, check out the “I’m Not a Robot” tee-shirts she created to commemorate a particularly hilarious fan discussion: TildaMadame x!



Podcast Ep 7 – Secret 2013 (Drama Deep Dive)

In our first throwback episode we talk about obsessive love and Ji-sung’s kisses in 2013’s breakout revenge melo, Secret or Secret Love. Joining us in examining what makes a good revenge drama is Odessa Jones from koreandrama.today.


00.00 We welcome special guest ODESSA JONES of KoreanDrama.today, and discuss whether we can call Secret a love story.

01:51. That really problematic kiss.

09:16. Is the show dated? We compare our perceptions of heroine Hwang Jung-eum’s character when the show aired in 2013 versus the present, and ask why the relationship is compelling despite such an abusive start.

17:17. Why we watch revenge melos; a discussion of “han” and how we deal with pain and bitterness.

25:30. We talk about villain Bae Soo-bin.

29:45. …and then we talk about Lee Da-hee (who was the sanest character in the show, until she wasn’t), and the show’s reference to Wuthering Heights.

34:33. Did it make sense for Min-hyuk and Yoo-jung to fall in love, and do they work as a couple? We talk (more) about unhealthy relationships.

43:05. We all love puppy Kwang-soo! We also talk about the other secondary characters.

49:52. Odessa reminds us that this was directed by Lee Eun-bok, who went on to do Descendants of the Sun and Goblin. We sum up (love is pain!).

52:05. I loved Secret, what should I watch next?

Ep 9-12: While You Were Sleeping (Korean Drama 당신이 잠든 사이에) – WEEKLY CATCH-UP

This week in While You Were Sleeping, Kitten Killers and Crafty Defense Attorneys bring on the heat for our heroes. Jae-chan can see a case derailing before his eyes but he’s unable to stop it because the law must follow its course. Meanwhile, Hong-joo is back on her job and unhappy about her first assignment.

We couldn’t create a YouTube video for this one, but you can find this episode on iTunes or our RSS feed. Here are the links:

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Ep 5-8: While You Were Sleeping (Korean Drama 당신이 잠든 사이에) – WEEKLY CATCH-UP

While You Were Sleeping has finished its second week, and we return to discuss the story so far. Jae-chan and Hong-joo are joined by a third clairvoyant, Woo-tak, who’s happy to delve into the mystery behind their gift and ferret out the truth. Meanwhile, Jae-chan learns an invaluable lesson at work.

Podcast Hosts ► Saya and Paroma (AKA festerfaster)

First Impression : While You Were Sleeping (Korean Drama 당신이 잠든 사이에)

We discuss the first four (half-hour) episodes of While You Were Sleeping, the latest drama from star writer Park Hye-ryun of “I Hear Your Voice”, starring Lee Jong-suk and Suzy. She dreams of bad things that are going to happen in the future, and he’s an awkward prosecutor who struggles to keep these visions from coming true. Listen to find out if our own dreams of this being our next crack drama have come true!

Podcast Hosts ► Saya and Paroma (AKA festerfaster)