Recording Rules for Pod Guests

Dearest Podcast Guest

Let’s get you ready for our recording!

The tech and tips below are important because we want our listeners to be able to hear your voice as clearly as possible. Thank you for going through everything.


  1. Headphones or earphone (with an in-built microphone) are compulsory — your ordinary wired earphones or apple’s airpods would work great!
  2. We do all recordings on our laptop or desktop. (No mobiles unless all else fails!)
  3. If you have a separate microphone that’s a BONUS! Woot! (But if not, don’t worry, your earphone mic is good too!)
  4. Please download Audacity on your PC/Mac. We would like you to record your side of the conversation on it. (We’ll guide you through the whole process, but please download Audacity first.)


  1. Record in the smallest room in your place (reduces echoes in the recording)
  2. Shut doors and windows (fans and AC can be on — we don’t want you to pass out mid-recording)
  3. Be the only one in the room! (Obvious exceptions are babies and furbabies! XD)
  4. If you’re in a large room, make sure you have soft surfaces around you — bed, sofa, carpet underneath, etc.


  1. Keep water or something to sip on during the session.
  2. Keep your microphone (the external, separate one) at least one-inch away from your mouth and towards the side of your mouth instead of directly in front.
  3. Try not to bang on the desk or type on your keyboard while you are speaking. (It’s fine if you’re doing it while we’re speaking cause we can quieten your track then.)

You are the most amazing ever and we’re very excited to talk to you soon!

Saya, Anisa, Paroma

Dramas Over Flowers Podcast