K-Drama Master List

These are all the dramas/movies we have discussed in our podcasts in alphabetical order with links to help you find the episodes:


Fight My Way: Podcast Ep 2 (K-Drama Wrap-up)

Forest of Secrets: Podcast Ep 8 (Drama Deep Dive)


Live Up To Your Name: Podcast Ep 4 (First Impressions)



Manhole: Podcast Ep 3 (First Impressions)



School 2017: Podcast Ep 3 (K-Drama Wrap-up)

Secret 2013: Podcast Ep 4 (Drama Deep Dive – Throwback!)



Weightlifting Fairy: Podcast Ep 1 (K-Drama Wrap-up)

While You Were Sleeping: Podcast Ep 5 (First Impressions) | Catch-up Ep 5-8






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