Announcements & Events

Some Announcements!

Not an episode, but we have some announcements about upcoming events, as well as some boring administrative stuff about Patreon and episode names (you wouldn’t know it by how much we giggle though).

Register for KPSN to come see our panels on July 11th!

Our Patreon page, where you can sign up to hear the extra goodies mentioned.

See you in the next Yak of miscellaneous description, and thanks to all our listeners & patrons as always! ❤︎


4 thoughts on “Some Announcements!”

    1. We have agreed that no yaks are getting slaughtered on this podcast. All yaks and alpacas live until a grand old age and live out their life on green meadows with lots of yummy flowers.

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    1. Every time we have doubts about anything related to the pod, we go look at our growth charts and all the milestones we crossed. It’s a happy space we built together. XD Thanks, frabby! ❤

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