What's Up in Dramaland?

87. What’s Up in Dramaland: Park Hye-soo Bullying Allegations | Kim Eun-sook Ascending | Adversarial Banmal | Upcoming Dramas of March

March is turning out to be a grim month in Dramaland—we recorded this episode just as the Park Hye-soo story broke, but you can be sure we’ll be following up on the later stories (i.e. Ji-soo) in our future episodes.

It’s a lighter month at least for premieres—the highlight of which is Lee Min-ki’s return to the screen with an equally oddball co-star, so let’s hope that we can mine a bit of joy in the midst of midden.


02:00 You’re Beautiful: email from Kristi
04:24 “Adversarial Banmal”
07:45 Park Hye-soo bullying allegations, Dear M postponed
23:13 Star writer Kim Eun-sook ascends to executive creator of new show

26:38 Mouse (see ep.85!)
27:04 Navillera
30:13 Monthly Magazine Home
35:00 Joseon Exorcist
40:55 Oh! Master (Oh My Ladylord)


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This episode was edited by Saya.


2 thoughts on “87. What’s Up in Dramaland: Park Hye-soo Bullying Allegations | Kim Eun-sook Ascending | Adversarial Banmal | Upcoming Dramas of March”

  1. I was mentioned! 😱
    Gosh, that was a nice surprise.
    I’m pretty annoyed about Dear M – when the casting was announced, and I realised Kim Sae-ron would be reprising her character from Love Playlist (which I didn’t even watch in full, hahaha, I just watched the compilations of her scenes on YouTube) I was so excited! Then she was recast, and now this. It’s clearly a cursed project.
    The Park Hye-soo situation is seriously disappointing. I don’t know if I’ll be able to watch Swing Kids the same way again.

    Liked by 2 people

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