86. The Long Yak – LUCA | Mr Queen | She Will Never Know | True Beauty

Our first long yak of 2021 lands in February. We cover some recently wrapped dramas and two that we just started.

04:58- LUCA
17:04 – True Beauty
35:59 – She Would Never Know
44:34 – Mr Queen
59:27 – Anisa’s Riddles

Paroma’s video essay on Mr Queen.

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Episode edited by Paroma.


4 thoughts on “86. The Long Yak – LUCA | Mr Queen | She Will Never Know | True Beauty”

  1. As regards to She Would Never Know I think that his-Rowoons proprietary behavior calmed down a bit but obviously your reaction makes it obvious you won’t watch it so I won’t bother defending him. The cheating boss and mother are just as hideous as promised they even tried to engender a little sympathy for the cheater briefly-Uh No!! I also fell in love with Won jin-a in Just Between Lovers and Melting was just a shame. I’ve been looking up Kim Rae-won and found that he did movie with Won Jin-a called Long Live the King. I haven’t watched it yet but thought I’d throw that out there. Loved hearing your thoughts as always I only watched True Beauty through ep 8. I liked alot of it but the scenes right after they became a couple when she goes to ridiculous lengths to hide the fact that they were together was the same thing I hated most about Gangnam ID, so it’s still on hold but I have to say the leopard print boxer scene was worth watching half a drama for

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    1. I heard about Rowoon’s improved behaviour, but unless the drama straight up addressed what was wrong with what he said and did in the first two eps, I would struggle to get over that. =\ That whole hiding the relationship thing was pretty annoying, and I totally get your aversion to that setup. That’s around the time I nearly stopped watching. Only finished it cause we were recording a spoiled yak on it last week. XD (Which’ll be out soon!)

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    2. I think unless SWNK pulls the unique take of setting up a toxic Nice Guy™ and then spending the rest of the drama deconstructing that and having him realize how wrong it is, I won’t be going back. And it doesn’t sound like that’s what they’re doing lol, so I’ll just have to wait for Won Jin-ah’s next project. Sigh. Thanks for the heads up about the movie though!

      That leopard print boxer scene! Definitely worth the price of admission to the whole drama. I did find that episode her hiding the relationship to be annoying too. If you do want to go back and just watch the good parts, I recommend watching episodes 11-14! It wraps up all the major plot points I was waiting to see resolved and is full of some great humor. (Episodes 15-16 are honestly just weird and out-of-character filler.)


  2. I look forward to it as always. I like listening to podcasts while doing repetitive chores, it makes it so much nicer! I have to say that I agree that this drama TB does bump up against ChaEun-woos limitations as an actor especially as his cast mates just seem more comfortable in their roles but I wonder if it is partly due to some sort of character fatigue since Gangnam ID has so many similarities to True Beauty. I’m curious to hear your thoughts on the ending even though I didn’t watch it, it was impossible not to catch people’s reactions on various sites and the number of fan made videos tagged #teamSeojun. Lol

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