Hello Me: Episode 1 & 2 Review

Paroma knows she’s not the blog post queen that Saya and Anisa are, so she (who is me) decided to make this instead. This is an overview of the first two episodes – the characters, the dynamics. I tried to avoid any major spoiler, but minor ones were inevitable. Watch it anyway (as Saya would say), cause this is not one of those dramas that hinges on epic reveals.

Have fun. And let me know if you’ll be watching this next week!


6 thoughts on “Hello Me: Episode 1 & 2 Review”

  1. THIS I GREAT I LOVE IT. I probably won’t watch it (I feel like with you watching it, that covers our quota, haha), but I’ll definitely watch more video reviews!

    How was Lee Re? I love her! Also she so big nao 😱

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    1. Lee Re is a ray of sunshine. She’s very expressive and likeable, but still a kid. So kinda perfect as the younger Ha-ni. We’ll see how next week’s episodes go before I commit to doing more of these. Heh.

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  2. Love this drama right now. KYK just does it fir me, but I wasn’t convinced to keep watching until the very end of episode 3, where he smirks after finding out that “childhood connection” you were alluding to. “Puppy face” reels me in yet again! But I do like the premise of how life drags once bubbly, vivacious people down from their optimistic selves. It works for me too.

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    1. Had to skip watching it last week, but I’m all caught now, and really loving how warm this drama is. That smirk sold me too! i was wondering how they would tackle the reunion, and I really like having Yoo-hyun being cute and puppy-ish around grumpy Ha-ni. Hehe.

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      1. Well it took me a bit to get around to watching it, but I’m glad I did. The two Ha- nis are so great together now they are working more often as a team. And their dance routines are adorable.

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