What's Up in Dramaland?

85. Stream Wars & Ratings Kings | Upcoming: SISYPHUS, River Where the Moon Rises, Vincenzo

February is flying in with a flurry of dramas! So many, so exciting! Of these, we only have eyes for one – guess which one! (Pssst it’s SISYPHUS!)


00:03:49 – K-drama streaming wars continue, in Netflix vs. the world (again)
00:15:15 – Kim Eun-sook’s new project is a multi-season revenge melo?
00:19:24 – Uncanny Counter’s original writer departs OCN’s highest rated show ever

00:23:25 – LUCA: The Beginning
00:28.00 – River Where the Moon Rises
00:33:19 – Sisyphus: The Myth
00:41:39 – Hello, Me
00:49:21 – Beyond Evil
00:54:11 – Penthouse 2
00:57:09 – Vincenzo
01:04:46 – Mouse
01:07:39 – Dear.M
01:12:27 – Times

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This episode was edited by Saya.


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