The Spoiled Yak

84. The Spoiled Yak – You’re Beautiful

This Spoiled Yak is a very special throwback to a drama all three of us watched early on in our K-drama journey, and which we still love to this day: You’re Beautiful. As an extra treat, Anisa’s mom agreed to come talk to us about her experience watching this show recently. Join us as we relive the iconic love story between Go Mi-nam and Hwang Tae-kyung, and squee about how much we enjoyed it and how well it holds up over a decade later. Hold tight to your pig-rabbits and dive in with us!

Be warned, there’s a spoiler for Hospital Playlist, which is marked in the time stamps below.

Time Stamps:

00:03:06 Ammi’s K-drama journey
00:09:16 The Music
00:12:24 Does it hold up?
00:22:17 The OTP
00:24:45 Hospital Playlist spoiler
00:25:27 Second Lead Shin-woo
00:39:29 Fiction imitates real life?
00:44:46 Separating the art from the artist
00:50:09 Representation matters & we are all flowers
00:54:59 The Hong Sisters
01:04:08 That ending time skip
01:13:28 Favorite Moments
01:23:33 Final Thoughts

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This episode was edited by Anisa.


1 thought on “84. The Spoiled Yak – You’re Beautiful”

  1. Well I’m going to have to come back to finish because shortly after you started talking about Jang Geun-suks deep voice I had to go start a rewatch even if only partially. It is great to hear everyone’s thoughts and Anisas mom is so awesome! I relate to researching the real life stars behind beloved characters, that is something I got from my mom, who always has some trivia tidbits to share about the actors when we watch old movies together. The scenes that spring to mind when You’re beautiful is brought up is the funny- when he is lost and he is not aware that the shouting and waving is a warning, and the sweet moment when she hugs him and pats his back on his birthday thanking him for being born.

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