The Long Yak

74. The Long Yak – 18 Again | Record of Youth | Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol

We’re back with a Long Yak! We’ve decided to split our monthly yaks about what we’ve been watching (which were more like woolly mammoths, let’s be real) so that we can get the episodes out to you more quickly and hopefully in a more manageable chunk for your ears! This episode we discuss ongoing shows 18 Again and Record of Youth, and recently premiered Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol.

07:21 – 18 Again
21:19 – Record of Youth
37:11 – Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol

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Episode edited by Paroma.


2 thoughts on “74. The Long Yak – 18 Again | Record of Youth | Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol”

  1. I could say so many things in critique of this drama… given I actually watched this entire drama (I discovered the speed replay function on netflix while getting through it), I’ll say a couple more notes in response to your Long Yak. Yes, I’m so glad you guys pointed out Doha is one of the few characters who has a mini arc in this drama. I already mentioned this in a comment on your previous post, but the actor Kim Gunwoo who played him, as you guys noted as well, actually made him *feel real*. I also didn’t like him when he was first introduced on screen in the drama, as he was the antagonist, but by the end, I found him way more interesting and compelling than the protagonist haejoon… And I think credit is due to the actor’s performance partially in that. On a further acting note, in stark contrast to KGW/Doha –the two main actors, the show’s anchors, the characters/people who we had to believe, who needed to feel real, didn’t. While the writing clearly carries much of the fault here, and primarily so, I thought PBG and PSD our lead actors in Haejoon and Jeongha kind of failed to do anything with their characters acting-wise. (I am aware that PBG is a popular actor and PSD was great in Parasite… but based off of their performances in RofY, I didn’t see any acting talent/ ability except that PBG can be stoic and sob and PSD can be expressionless and smile in a friendly customer service manner, I’m sorry but that’s what they showed in this drama.) Again, writing is primarily at fault — but both leads I feel could have done something in their delivery of lines — changed expressions, made a smirk, winced, expressed an underlying emotion in their eyes, shown vulnerability or joy, relief, something! I think I only saw PBG stare into space, say every line in the same monotone, weirdly assured (for his character) delivery (I’m not sure why his character Haejoon would be like that… HJ would probably be a little more thrilled, changed when his life went from struggling, nearly failing model/actor to big time award-winning star… but we literally saw none of that in HJ/PBG’s expression. He was oddly rock-solidly stoic, maybe even cock sure, the entire time…completely unphased and unchanged by the dramatic shifts that take place in his character’s life. I would think a striving artist would have moments of anguish, angst, elation, etc. somewhere along the journey (They would! lol)

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    1. You’re so right about all of this! I didn’t finish the show of course, but all of this was pretty apparent in the 9 episodes I did see, and it’s so unfortunate given the crazy amounts of talent and money that went into making this drama. (Also, Netflix has a speed watch function?! I don’t have access to that where I live!)

      Thanks for leaving such a long and thoughtful comment! 🙂


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