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67. The Spoiled Yak – My Unfamiliar Family

In this Spoiled Yak, Anja and Yunah joined me to discuss the delightful, unconventional family drama My Unfamiliar Family. This layered, funny, warm, sometimes too real show is such a gem – we had nothing but praise for it but we still had so much to say! And we all agreed that it really adds to the experience to go in knowing nothing about the story, so if you haven’t yet seen My Unfamiliar Family, definitely watch before you listen to this spoiler-filled yak.

02:33 Family dramas
12:49 Jin-sook
19:57 Eun-joo
23:44 Eun-hee
28:03 The Glorious Chan-hyuk
30:31 Ji-woo 0:30:31
33:27 Gun-joo (“Player-ssi”)
36:27 Eun-joo’s men, and other characters
40:06 Favorite performances and moments
49:28 Main themes and conclusions

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2 thoughts on “67. The Spoiled Yak – My Unfamiliar Family”

  1. This was a particularly great Long Yak – thank you! MUF is definitely on my list of top dramas in 2020, for many of the reasons you chatted about. I really enjoyed this listen. Thanks again!

    Liked by 1 person

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