The Long Yak

62. The Long Yak – The King | Good Casting | Unfamiliar Family | Kkondae Intern | The Untamed | When My Love Blooms | Once Again

This month, we talk about The King a LOT, and check out a whole bunch of new dramas – some of them are great, some not so much, but hey, there’s always lots to talk about!

What have you been watching?

Listen to the episode here:

00:02:31 The King
00:29:16 Once Again
00:34:53 Unfamiliar Family
00:41:19 How we feel about recommendations and hype
00:47:36 Kkondae Intern
00:58:47 When My Love Blooms
01:04:30 Good Casting
01:14:48 The Untamed
01:27:11 Special thanks to our patrons and listeners ❤︎

In case you missed the secret Lee Min-ho project, check out our inaugural Drama Act-Off: Lee Min-ho vs. Lee Min-ho.

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2 thoughts on “62. The Long Yak – The King | Good Casting | Unfamiliar Family | Kkondae Intern | The Untamed | When My Love Blooms | Once Again”

  1. “Time is finite – don’t waste your time watching mediocre dramas” – Ha! I was trying to explain why I like to re-watch some “sad” episodes of dramas and I think this is just it. Often actors are really giving their all in an emotional scene and that puts the rest of drama in the shade. Death scenes, break-ups, betrayals, project failures – and the resulting regret – just “put a pin it” for me. For example, in the Chinese drama Cuo Dian Yuan Yang (2012), the very young heroine Huan Er (played by a very young Zanilia Zhao) has a miscarriage when she is estranged from her husband. Both she and her stalwart husband Shi Wu Ji (played by the always stoic Qi Ji) are devastated but she won’t come back to him because he still doesn’t believe she can be a separate human being from her terrible dad. It’s not over the top because this is a real-life medical situation but emotions just percolate through about three episodes. Everything else just seems meh.

    So, I look for dramas where emotions kind of swell underneath and just peek out every once and a while. These peaks and valleys feel very real to me and keeps a drama from being mediocre. I haven’t finished Strong Woman for this reason – the emotions seem akin to the tide coming in and out rather than rolling waves. Too much meh, not enough “climb the mountain.”

    Recent dramas for me that broke out of “meh” land were A Piece of Your Mind (2020), The Beauty Inside (2018), Extraordinary You (2019) and even the less-popular Cheese in the Trap. I also confess to loving Love Alarm but I watched it when home with the flu and I might have been delirious . . .

    Thanks for the Yak – these are my favorite episodes.


    1. Sorry humbledaisy, your comment got caught in the spam filter! Just rescued it (entirely by accident but VERY glad!).

      Thanks so much for sharing some of your favourites! I know exactly what you mean – that’s also the reason I have rewatched 27-28 of I’m Not a Robot so. many. times. There’s just something painfully, achingly perfect about the conversation between the leads, which stretches over the episode. Even when I can recite some of it word for word, I love it with burning incandescence. Unlike you though, I can almost never rewatch the most painful scenes – I always go for the heart-burstingly happy!

      Your comment also reminds me of what for me is the reason K-drama is IT. K-drama’s intention and goal, always, is to make you FEEL. Like, no matter what the genre, or indeed the character, the best of kdrama will crack something open both in the character/situation, and in yourself, until you bleed into each other somehow. Thankfully, my list of “ultimate” dramas is looooong, but I’d top it with Signal. Heartbreaking, heart-rending, heart-filling, heart-dropping, heart-thumping. Just. Perfect. Still waiting for the drama that will beat it. *thumps heart*


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