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61. Shorter K-drama Seasons | The King’s Low Ratings | Upcoming in June

This What’s Up in Dramaland, we discuss new trends in K-drama length, why we think The King has had disappointing ratings, and some quick updates, including news of Lee Da-hee’s first lead role, yay! Then we move on to June K-drama premieres, and what we’re most excited for.

Dramas Over Flowers: A Korean Drama Podcast · 61. Shorter K-drama Seasons | The King’s Low Ratings | Upcoming in June


02:42   Shorter K-drama seasons
16:53 The King’s low ratings
27:55 Lee Jun-ki/Moon Chae-won reunion
33:15 Lee Da-hee is getting a lead role!
36:00 School Nurse Files
44:45 My Unfamiliar Family
48:44 Backstreet Rookie
54:25 Sweet Home
55:14 It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

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2 thoughts on “61. Shorter K-drama Seasons | The King’s Low Ratings | Upcoming in June”

  1. I was just wondering about the 12-episode drama trend recently and thought it could have something to do with the new labor laws (even though they, sadly, aren’t exactly being strictly followed). I think you guys are totally right, though, that the online streaming platforms have something to do with it as well. Paroma’s wish that dramas would just be made at a length that fit the story they are trying to tell is one that I echo, and I do think that is something that platforms like Netflix are a bit better at, simply because they can afford to be more flexible. One thing I liked while watching Extracurricular was that the episode lengths themselves can vary as well, and they tend to be shorter (around 45-50min).

    I’m definitely checking out My Unfamiliar Family this week! That and Okay are the two I’m most looking forward to this month. Okay’s plot itself doesn’t interest me but Kim Soo-hyun is probably my favorite “hallyu actor”, and I LOVED Seo Ye-ji in Rescue Me.

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    1. You’re right that Netflix is able to do more variable season lengths, although not always to the benefit of the drama, as in the case of Arthdal Chronicles. But I do think (hope?) they might be getting better at not splitting up dramas into artificial seasons.

      Those are the two I’m looking forward to as well! I’ll plan to write about Unfamiliar Family in next week’s Weekend Drama Report. 🙂


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