The Long Yak

57. TLY – Crash Landing on You | Itaewon Class | Doctor Romantic 2 | Black Dog

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been waiting a while for a proper Long Yak! We finally manage to reconvene (for the first time since the Year-end Yak!), and catch up on all the stuff that had gone down in our accidental hiatus. But that’s nothing to the way literally the entire world has changed between the time we recorded this and now…so listen to our past selves of more secure and carefree times, and I hope it brings a little lift to your spirits!

We talk Crash Landing on You—finally a show all three of us watched, and exchange notes on everything else we’ve nosed around. Anisa and Paroma take a really fun East v. West trip into dating reality shows, while I try to lure you all away from dramas to read Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb.

What have you been watching?

Listen to the episode here:


00:09:55 – Crash Landing on You
00:25:46 – Itaewon Class
00:28:34 – The Game: Towards Zero
00:36:51 – Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim 2 (aka Doctor Romantic)
00:44:52 – One Spring Night
00:51:25 – 9.9 Billion Won Woman
00:55:07 – Black Dog
00:57:10 – Tale of Nokdu
01:06:59 – 1 Night, 2 Days
01:13:26 – Love Naggers Season 3
01:18:04 – A Little Thing Called First Love
01:32:13 – Love is Blind

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