What's Up in Dramaland?

56. News & Upcoming in March | Hospital Playlist | Memorist | Kingdom 2

This episode is releasing about three weeks after recording, so as Paroma says in the intro, it’s a time capsule to when things were a bit less worrying on a global scale. We hope you are all safe, healthy, well-cared-for, and able to find some comfort in dramas while you’re spending long hours at home. We’re thinking especially of the most vulnerable in these times. Take the best of care, and let us know which of these March premieres you’re enjoying the most.

02:11 – Coronavirus & Korea
08:48 – Train to Busan sequel
09:47 – Parasite tops $50 million in US
13:05 – Nobody Knows
16:29 – Memorist
22:35 – Hospital Playlist
26:45 – Kingdom 2
31:32 – Rugal
33:24 – Memories of the Man
37:04 – 365 Repeat the Year
41:28 – A Piece of Your Mind
45:20 – Welcome
50:15 – The Married Life


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