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Podcast 37. The Burning Sun Scandal – Special Episode |Feat. Rimi & LollyPip

This month, in place of our usual What’s Up in Dramaland, we decided to do a special deep dive into the Seungri/Burning Sun scandal. And to help us discuss the revelations of the last few months with empathy and knowledge, Rimi and LollyPip join us on the podcast. Both are ardent Kpop fans. Rimi is also a lawyer, and she sheds some light on how the law works in such cases.

Listen to the episode right here:

Note that the investigation is ongoing and new information is surfacing almost daily. Below are a few revelations that happened after this episode went live.

UPDATE: A woman came forward to testify against Jung Joon Young and others on gangrape charges: https://www.soompi.com/article/1318428wpp/woman-testifies-that-jung-joon-young-choi-jong-hoon-and-3-others-sexually-assaulted-her-as-a-group

@AskAKorean translates news reports about the true depths of what these idols and chaebols have been doing. (Trigger warning. This stuff is vile!)


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4 thoughts on “Podcast 37. The Burning Sun Scandal – Special Episode |Feat. Rimi & LollyPip”

  1. Absolutely shocking and devastating. The fact alone that the majority of their supporters are female and they treat that sex as an object is cruel. Normally I‘m not that interested in scandals but in this case I‘m so shocked that I won‘t support them anymore. I hope they get a real punishment for their crimes.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I think this time they will. There’s too much public scrutiny on these developments. It won’t be easy for them to get these men out of serving prison time. The testimonies are really strong too.


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