What's Up in Dramaland?

Podcast 33. What’s Up in Dramaland? Seungri & Jung Joon-young | AT&T post DramaFever shutdown | & more news + Upcoming Dramas!

Hello listeners! Apologies of the lateness with this one, it’s been a busy and stressful month for us all. Yak is coming soon!

We cover the Burning Sun scandal plus charges against Jung Joon-young & Seungri. We discuss the post-Dramafever landscape and At&T’s future plans for streaming in the US. Also stay tuned for news about drama announcements and what’s releasing in March.

Listen to the episode right here!

00:00:00 – Seungri & Jung Joon-young charged in sexual assault and corruption scandal
00:12:35 – AT&T’s grand plan post Dramafever shutdown
00:20:51 – More Kdramas on Netflix
00:30:21 – Hong Sisters cleared of plagiarism charges for Hwayugi
00:32:47 – Hong sister’s new drama – Hotel Del Luna
00:34:49 – Chae Min soo indicted in road rage incident
00:37:14 – Kim Ki Duk’s defamation lawsuit thrown out… & More.
– He is Psychometric
– Kill It
– Doctor Prisoner
– Confession
– Laughter in Waikiki 2

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