What's Up in Dramaland?

Podcast 32. What’s Up in Dramaland? News and Upcoming Dramas in February

Hello beautiful listeners! We’re launching a NEW format, a monthly episode that covers news and upcoming dramas. We used to include this stuff in our Long Yaks, but those were getting so long  as to become ridiculous, and we thought it’s be nice to have two episodes a month instead. Enjoy, and please let us know what you think of the new format!

Listen to the episode right here!

01:47 – Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food (a.k.a. Something in the Rain) leads to be reunited
04:21 – 3rd season of Voice and 2nd season of Laughter in Waikiki confirmed
06:34 – Strong Woman Do Bong-soon getting US remake
13:40 – SBS and MBC creating new Fri-Sat drama timeslot

18:16 – Touch Your Heart
20:29 – Legal High
21:09 – Trap
22:22 – The Light in Your Eyes
25:06 – Item
26:19 – Haechi
28:12 – Possessed
29:18 – Hot Blooded Priest
30:28 – Big Issue
31:34 – A question & Saya’s joke.

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Music: Fredji’s Happy Life and MBB’s Feel Good.



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