The Long Yak

Podcast 27. The Long Yak – DramaFever | Where Stars Land | Beauty Inside | The Smile Has Left Your Eyes | Player | Kim’s Convenience

This month we start off by discussing the sudden shut down of DramaFever, what this means for the international viewership, how and when the licensing wars started in the KDrama world, and how fans access dramas when official channels are unavailable.
We also talk about the Canadian sitcom, Kim’s Convenience, which totally counts as a KDrama in our hearts!

00:01:17 – DramaFever Shut Down
00:34:04 – Our Episode 16 on #MeToo Was Used in a University Classroom!
00:35:28 – We Now Have a Patreon Page!
00:40:01 – Where Stars Land/Fox Bride Star (Paroma’s post on Flawed Female Leads)
00:56:08 – Beauty Inside
01:05:32 – Terius Behind Me
01:12:35 – Player
01:17:28 – Ghost Detective
01:19:35 – Smile Has Left Your Eyes
01:29:43 – Kim’s Convenience
01:44:19 – Mama Fairy and the WoodCutter
01:46:38 – Feel Good to Die/Happy if You Died
01:48:28 – God’s Quiz
01:49:56 – Top Star Yoo Baek
01:52:43 – The Priest
01:54:47 – Bad Detective
01:56:44 – Clean With Passion For Now
02:04:06 – Saya’s Dad Joke

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