Special Episodes

Podcast 18. Father is Strange | Drama Deep Dive



00:01:36 – Overall thoughts on the drama (Spoiler alert: WE LOVED IT)
00:04:59 – Maknae Ra-young, her robotic but sweet soccer player, and how she grew on Anisa
00:06:49 – Lee Joon as self-involved but adorable Ahn Joong-hee
00:12:58 – Our thoughts on the central identity theft plot. Were the parents justified in their lie? Do we hate them on Joong-hee’s behalf?
00:25:03 – Mom and Dad taking the moral high ground when their children messed up. Hypocrital? Or good role models?
00:29:44 – Lee Yu-ri as Byun Hye-young and how everything she was amazing/badass
00:39:50 – Kim Yoo-joo (Lee Mi-do) as the bully sister-in-law, and her surprisingly effective redemption
00:47:45 – The fauxcest between Joong-hee and Mi-young. Did it go on too long?
01:04:35 – Fairytale endings for all the characters. Did we buy it?
01:18:32 – How the family treated the eldest brother.
01:24:52 – How fake news about Lee Joon in real life mirrored the paparazzi’s behaviour around Joong-hee in the drama
01:33:30 – We love the writing, and the writer’s other works (You’re All Surrounded, Ojakkyo Brothers, Be Strong Geum Soon)
01:39:17 – The recapping life, and making career choices that surprise your parents.


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