The Long Yak

Podcast Ep 11 – The Long Yak (Part 1) – Misty | Radio Romance | The Great Seducer | Mystery Queen 2

This month on our Long Yak we cover hot new dramas Misty and The Great Seducer. We also talk about Queen of Mystery 2 and whether it lives up to the promise of the first season. Doctors and some other older dramas come up as we swap recommendations…and then we run out of time. So, you can catch Paroma’s foray into Chinese Wuxia dramas in PART 2!

Time Stamps

00:01:00. Misty (Anisa reviews the first 6 episodes)

00:10:12. Mother (Saya finished it and can’t forget it)

00:18:53. Mystery Queen 2 (Does it live up to Season 1?)

00:26:05. Radio Romance (What went wrong?)

00:34:56. Sirius (A short but compelling drama. Stars Park Hyung-shik, ’nuff said!)

00:42:27. Doctors (Was the age gap really problematic?)

00:48:27. Shall We Kiss First (Anisa tries to convince the other two to give it a shot)

00:55:41. The Great Seducer/Tempted (Gossip Girl meets Heirs? Saya explains.)


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